MIMA Benefits and Advantages

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Posted: Sep-13-2017 23:48:51

myPeso Independent Marketing Agent Benefits and Advantages

01. Upto 35% LIFETIME discount on any products and services that your are going to purchase on our online shop.

02. Direct Referral Bonus
Every person that will join your business, the company will give you a referral bonus. The more person that will join you, the more bonuses.
Direct Referral Bonus could be PHP300, PHP400 or higher depending on the BizPack

03. Indirect Referral Bonus
Every time your direct referral (downline) sponsored new member you will receive indirect referral bonus upto 10th level. The more the merrier. Indirect Referral Bonus could be PHP20, PHP30 or higher depending on the BizPack

04. Residual/Unilevel Income
All purchases made by your team (downline) you will receive a residual income upto 10th level.

05. Cashback Discount
If non-MIMA under your network purschased something on shop, you will receive CASHBACK discount, in the absence of affiliates between MIMA and the buyer, the AFFILIATE commission will be added to CASHBACK disount.

06. Unlimited Income
Here in myPeso, your potential income is limitless.

07. Two Birds in One Stone Business
We are selling to types of business solution that will help boost their business

08. Replicated Website
Our website is highly replicated, all the pages can be shared. myPeso is one of the few marketing website designed to be shared on social media (SocMed).

09. 100% Online Business (Online Shop)
Our business is 100% online, almost zero human interaction.

10. Random Sponsoring System (RSS)
This is the best part of the business, for sure you can do this business no matter how busy your are. The RSS is your untiring / undying support in building your business with us.

To become myPeso Independent Marketing Agent (MIMA) just avail a BizPack from our online shop
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